Hello World!


Hello, good evening and welcome to The Middle of the Blog.

Actually, this is the beginning of my blog, the very first post ever! Having said that, Welcome!

About me

Hi there! My name is Ezequiel Castellanos and I'm a junior Front-end web developer and English/Spanish translator.

I enjoy making websites, drinking mate, baking homemade pizza and bread, and also researching and learning about technology or science. When I'm not coding,

I started creating websites as a hobby and now I've realized this can be more than a hobby. So I started to teach myself HTML, CSS and JavaScript, thanks to the great developer community at freeCodeCamp. Currently learning more in depth React.js, Next.js, Tailwind CSS and SASS.

The Blog

This blog is a nice little fun project I'm building with the help of Manuel Obregozo. He's been helping me on my developer path with great advice and encouraging me to apply to as many jobs as possible. First Dev Job here I come! 🚀

The main idea of this site is to have a working blog and add updates and features in small increments. For a start, the blog is developed with Next.js and Tailwind CSS. I will try to detail all the challenges and obstacles that appear during the development of this blog. Stay tuned! 👋